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A Room of One’s Own

April 1, 2010

Recently, we moved our 15 month old son out of his nursery and into his ‘big boy’ room. The transition went very well, as evidenced by his running about his new larger domain in that excited toddler manner, only stopping when he was so overcome with joy that he felt the need to hug the walls.

Upon completion of Operation Big Boy, we were left with an empty room. An EMPTY room! This is practically unheard of as we are a family of the packiest of pack rats, and any empty space is usually quickly filled with piles of random junk.

By the way, if anyone needs any Simpsons action figure playsets or copies of TIME magazine circa 1998, I’m your girl.

Determined not to let the room where our boy spent his infancy turn into a pop culture rubbish bin, we decided to devise a new plan for our gloriously empty space. After some deliberation and a well-timed exhortation from my mother-in-law, it was decided that the room should become…mine (ALL MINE!!!).

Patty, if you’re reading, I could also really use a day at the spa…GO!

Now, I wasn’t just overjoyed at the idea of having my own Fortress of Solitude perfectly designed for reading, writing, arting, and the like. While that is all well and wonderful, I also knew that this turn of events would afford me the pleasure of at least three trips to IKEA. Heh. Not only was I able to procure AND assemble two bookshelves, a desk, and a chair, I also got to throw down with some old turd in the loading area.

Dude, seriously, if there is a cart full of shit parked at one of the spaces, it means someone is probably planning on parking there to load said shit. Pick one of the other dozen plus open spaces instead of getting pissy with the chick who is single-handedly attempting to load up her current IKEA score. Jerk.

*kicks soapbox back under new IKEA desk*

With my flat pack treasures assembled and arranged, it was time to fill my new niche…

◦ Massive amounts of books (about 1/3 of our 900+ book collection) including art books, writing books, and crazy vintage craft books from the 60s-70s (macramé owl, anyone?) – Check!

◦ Comfy chair for reading and/or schmoozing potential clients during high-powered business meetings (read: yakking with my friend about photographing her cupcakes) – Check!

◦ Stupidly trendy over-priced reed diffuser thingy (purchased at 75% off – score!) – Check!

◦ Diego Rivera Detroit Industry prints – pending excavation of the deeper recesses of our basement

◦ Fancy-schmancy stationery that I’ll probably never use, but hey the box looks pretty cool – Check!

◦ Cloak of Invisibility so that I can occupy my little haven undisturbed – pending further experimentation at super top secret testing facility

So, here I sit in my newly furnished little room, thumbing through my library, listening to my music, and certainly not spinning in my chair saying ‘Wheee!’ as I survey my newly acquired domain. That would be uncivilized.



3 Responses to “ A Room of One’s Own ”

  1. Sara on April 1, 2010 at 12:43 pm

    EEEEEEE! My post, tomorrow, includes a soapbox as well! Congratulations on your new room: )

  2. Ruth on April 1, 2010 at 12:52 pm

    I had to have my soapbox reinforced so it wouldn’t crumble under my massiveness.

  3. Sara on April 1, 2010 at 2:25 pm

    Freakin’ fry digger.