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The Daily Froth March 31

March 31, 2010

Source claims Angelina is controlling psycho bitch.  I believe it.  The Hollywood Gossip

Amazing sculpture of San Francisco, made entirely out of toothpicks!  Boing Boing

The tightest pants ever spotted in public.  That has to be a joke, right?  Uncoached

Finally, somebody speaks up about the “butter churn dance.”  God it is stupid.  I once dated a guy who would break out into the butter dance anytime he didn’t have anything to say.  You Just Made My List

Katy Perry in a bikini.  Damn.  The Superficial

Peeps art.  Pop Candy

Anna Faris will star in the completely unneccessary remake of Private Benjamin. Pajiba

Hello Kitty Booze! Nerdbastards

This video is hilarious. Boy cries when he is told he is not a single lady. Buzzfeed



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