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The Daily Froth March 30

March 30, 2010

Wow, there is actually a yearly Gerard Butler convention? Agent Bedhead

Cat fight!  Well, actually a tweet war, but whatever.  Kim Kardashian vs. Demi Moore.  Allie is Wired

Torn up jean shorts? Check.  Black brastrap hanging out of a white shirt?  Check.  Dazed and confused look? Check.  Miley Cyrus is morphing into Britney Spears Pacific Coast News

Rare sighting!  Robert Pattinson smiling! Socialite Life

Just a bunch of photos of Michael Buble being stalked by a velociraptor.  Awesome. Bubleraptor via @danielwcarlson twitter feed.

I don’t have the balls to embed this on our site, but hop on over to Tasty Booze to catch this NSFW and politically incorrect ad for Everest College. Tasty Booze

Wait, I’m confused.  Here is a photo of Katy Perrry…but she appears to be wearing clothes.  WTF?  The Beer Goggler

Cameron Diaz photos:  Damn, look at the get-away sticks on that bird.  She’s still got a bangin’ bod. Popoholic

Sick, wrong, but oh so funny-Scarface school play: (thanks Nat)



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