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Type Fast, Write Hard, and Leave a Good Looking Blog

March 24, 2010

Warning: Goodshit is not safe for work, kids, or judgmental people.  Seriously.

GoodShit is Fred Lapides: postroad at  Fred, as it turns out, isn’t your typical blogger.  He posted a story of mine on his website a few days ago, and the traffic jumped up considerably.  Naturally, I wrote to thank him, and in the course of doing so, conducted an impromptu interview, which I’ll now share with you.

Pants: How do you find all the stuff on your site?!  It’s a pretty amazing collection!

Fred: Easy: Just don’t have a job and let your wife support you and tell her you are doing research so you can both retire.

Pants: [smacks forehead]  Genius!!!  Why didn’t *I* think of that?!

Fred: The secret is top use the word “research” and make a point of saying “Not porn!”

Pants: I aspire to match your degree of wordsmithing & sophistication someday!

Fred: I have been blessed in my marriage. Though my wife is 29 years my junior, we have been married going on now 26 years. She works. I don’t. She doesn’t care what I pull up on the net so long as it makes me happy!

Pants: Congratulations!

Fred: Thanks…it has been wonderful…for my 80th birthday, last summer, my son (from this marriage) and my daughter (this marriage) took me to Italy for two wonderful weeks…Loved it! alas, now my son will soon graduate and go his own way. By this I mean he will not be going to Cape Cod with us…he used to all the time. I will miss him but time for him to make his own life…so it goes.

Pants: [stunned] Wow!  I had no idea!  80!?  Wow!

I find the fact that you are 80-years old, and writing a blog pretty damned interesting.  Would you be interested in doing a “interview”, to talk about you and your blog?

Fred: Sure, in English?

Pants: Yep (I live in Kansas) ~ We can do a lot of it through e-mail, I suppose.  Unless you’d rather do it on the phone?

So, OK, here’s some obvious questions:

(1) What’s the purpose of the “Goodshit” site?  How’d you come up with the name?  Why do you do it?  What’s the motivation?  How’d you get started doing it?

(2) How do you find so much stuff?  All the weird little links and pictures for the site?

(3) Is there a “theme” that you’re going for, or just, if you find it interesting, it makes the site?

(4) It seems as though you try your best to be politically neutral, but I think I sense a little democrat in you, or maybe a Libertarian.  Maybe that’s just because I see you being supportive of (the theory of) evolution, but that’s my take?  What are your thoughts on that?

(5) How in the HELL does a 55-year old man land a 26-year-old woman???  Are you insanely rich, good-looking, and funny as hell?

Fred: One at a time:

(#5) I am not rich. I met my wife to be in college, where I was a teacher, though not hers.

She wanted someone to talk to and decided I seemed safe, neutral, OK…After a short spell we began to run together on campus — I was a runner for many years…and we simply met, ran. Then met, ran, had a beer or two…and then…the tough part: her parents. I am older than her parents. But when I gave them grandchildren they began to love me…even my two children from first marriage took to my wife…finally even my ex wife!

(#4)Politics: I avoid it since it would swamp the site and there are many other sites for this out there and I get complaints from this or that group if anything is even a bit political.  My stance: used to be liberal, middle of the road…I am much more radical now and believe the country is screwed up by its reliance on capitalism, by which I mean, the money interests that buy our political figures through special interest groups — lobbies. they are legal but truly interfere with what is needed or not needed. Example: we are just beginning to recover from economic meltdown and yet unable to put regulations back in place to prevent what took place. We say we are capitalists etc and yet instead of allowing big places to fail, we bail them out (but not the folks defaulting), and allow them to give themselves huge bonuses. When Clinton was president, we revised welfare and put in regulations for those who would be eligible; but for the big defaulting banks? no regulations.

Ike had it right: after WWII we became military /industrial complex and now have military bases all over the world…why? why so many troops in europe? to ward off who? We have bases in Spain, Italy, england and on and on…and that does not even tell you about the many that are secret you are not to know about.

(#1)The name: from a George Carlin routine. Some druggie buys some drugs (called “Shit” on the street) and loves i after big inhale and exclaims, “THIS IS SOME GOOD SHIT!” The funny idea of shit being called “good” appealed to me.

I do it for fun and to keep busy and to explore what is out there…and to learn while doing it.

(#2) Experience. I have built up a number of bookmarks that I go to often…for which, see “via” or full URL for any given post.  My secret: I am good at bringing diverse things together. I discovered this while working as a college prof, and thus published some 6 or more anthologies, gatherings of material around a central theme…what I do for the site seems somehow related to this notion of gathering. the word anthology, from the Greek, meant gathering of flowers.

Pants: George Carlin is (was) awesome!  I like “Goodshit” *that* much more now, knowing that it’s a tip of the hat to George Carlin!  I bet your readers (is that the right term for people who visit goodshit?) would like to know that as well.

Yes, I’d agree that you are definitely a “gatherer”!  (And a damn fine one I might add!)

Fred: (#3) Theme: no theme. I avoid politics. I try for mix of science, arts, music, old photos and of course babes. Usually the “test” is a quick gut feeling that something is or is not of interest to me and hence to those who might go to my site. Variety means that whatever one’s interest he or she will usually find something to see.

Note that I pretty much avolid both sports and pop entertainment (except for some music) and geek stuff–areas I have little or no interest in or background for.

After doing the site for some time I have come to know which places will offer up nice babe shots rather than the cheap, near porn ones.

How I got involved: When I was no longer working and had time on my hands, I found things of interest and began mailing them in to two separate blogs…Finally, a guy who ran a nice site in Netherlands (No longer up) told me I should open my own blog. he helped me a bit on Blogspot, the free posting blog.  Then I began to do an anti-Bush blog: Bushwacked…Gave this up when there were so many other ones around. Did lots of posting for a pro Israeli site, run by retired Canadian lawyer and Christian statistics guy…but they got too involved in American politics, close to an election.  They were very right wing.  I asked them to avoid what our site was not about.  They would not stop, so I dropped out.  Opened GS, with the help of nice lady in Canada, who continues to help me with tech help now and then.

Why: simple. I enjoy doing it!. I learn from it. I feel as though I am offering something to folks otherwise busy…and I have the time.

Pants: How would you feel about a general “copy & paste” of our e-mail discussion as the body of the interview?  That’d be one way to do it.  I’m not convinced I want to do it that way yet, but it was one of the options I’d considered.  Just wanted to make sure it was OK with you first.

Fred: Do whatever you think best way to do the thing. You can rewrite, copy/paste, whatever…

So there you have it folks; the back-story behind Goodshit: it’s NOT porn!  (Fred says so)

I always liked George Carlin!


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4 Responses to “ Type Fast, Write Hard, and Leave a Good Looking Blog ”

  1. fred lapides on March 24, 2010 at 8:19 am

    Yo did a nice job. My check it out, approves, and gives me permission to read what I said previously.

  2. fred lapides on March 24, 2010 at 8:20 am

    age! sorry for typos. You did …My wife checked out what you said I said and…

  3. Mr. Smarty Pants on March 24, 2010 at 12:22 pm

    Fred, I just noticed that you did not deny being good looking and/or funny as hell. I’ll leave it to the readers imagination…

  4. Woodwind Instruments on May 21, 2010 at 6:17 pm

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