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The Daily Froth March 24

March 24, 2010

Those zany Japanese have done it again.  Believe it or not, this commercial is for potato chips-that are shaped like ears.  The Robot’s Pajamas

Jesse James has a stable of whores coming out of the woodwork to talk to the press. Celebuzz

Some really awful portrait tattoos.  Caveman Circus

Just a daily dose of elegance to gaze upon.  Page Six

Very illuminating and cool look at moviemaking with a greenscreen featuring    Alice in Wonderland . Film Drunk

Remember Susan “Stop the Insanity” Powter?  She has a message for Gabourey Sidibe.  Hollywood Backwash

James Cameron does not like Glen Beck. Then again, does anyone?  Gabby Babble

New meme:  ”Release the Kraken.”  Urlesque

Ew.  Brittany Murphy’s sleazebag husband is now dating her mother-who is an invalid. Yeeeah!



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