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The Daily Froth March 22

March 22, 2010

Very cool video to start off your Monday. Agent Bedhead

Better sit down for this next doozy.  Octomom might get evicted from her house for not paying her bills.  Shocking, I know. Allie is Wired

Congrats to Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen, they tied the knot. Celebrity Smack

Some choice quotes from the right on the passage of the HCR bill.  Classy.  Note how many of them mention their guns.  Deus Ex Malcontent

San Diego’s Floatopia sounds awesome.  Booze and floating in the water. F-listed

Fashion trend?  I hope not. Skinbags and clothing.   Girls Talkin Smack

I want Britney Spears’s magical mirror that tells her this is a good look.  Hollywood Tuna

10 most annoying people at SXSW.  I’m guilty of #7.  I’m still wearing my badge, and I got back a week ago.  Heartless Doll

Try not to laugh at this clip of an ANTM cast member falling down twice in the same runway routine.  Priceless. Yeeeah!



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