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The Daily Froth March 17

March 17, 2010

Good to know someone else goes through the same horror when they see themselves in a magnifying mirror. You just made my list

Between two ferns with Ben Stiller. Warming Glow

I know I have linked to this before, but it is St. Patrick’s Day, and these people in Mobile Alabama believe that they have a Leprechaun in their midst.  Must watch. Urlesque

See, this is why I love nerds.  Not everyone is creaming a stream over the new Iron Man trailer.  The Robot’s Pajama’s guys explain why it is not perfect.  The Robot’s Pajamas

Wee!  An Always Sunny bebe!  SOMG

Eww. Bacon and Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Manofest

Stop motion tattoo art. Very cool.  Lost at E minor

I hope this is not true, because I would like to believe that not everyone in Hollyweird cheats.  Woman claims she had an affair with Jesse James, who is married to Sandra Bullock. Bitten and Bound

Dear Mischa Barton:  Please cover your ever-expanding legs, like the rest of us do.  Bastardly

Dating advice from Disney Princesses.  Cracked


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