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March Madness! (aka “The *Other* NCAA March Tournament”)

March 17, 2010

Madness indeed.

Dear ESPN, I have two words for you: F*#&  you, f*#@ “March Madness”, and f#@$  basketball in general.  And f#$% the horse you rode in on for good measure.  And Peter Cetera too.  Just because.

Hi, I’m a fan of college wrestling, and if I seem somewhat bitter about ESPN, as well as the rest of America, completely overlooking the other National Championship tournament in March, you have no idea.  See, while most Americans associate March Madness with “Oooo…neat; Basketball”, I, along with wrestling fans everywhere take March Madness to mean something more along the lines of “March madness“, à la Merriam Webster’s definition of madness:

Pronunciation: \’mad-nəs\
Function: noun
Date: 14th century

1 : the quality or state of being mad: as a : rage b : insanity c : extreme folly

Question: Doesn’t it seem reasonable that a person could go to ESPN (the self-proclaimed “Worldwide Leader in Sports”), and find information about a NCAA, Division I National tournament?  I thought so too.  So allow me to walk you through what the “Worldwide Leader in Sports” has on the 2010, NCAA, Div I National Wrestling Tournament

First, check the ESPN home page.  Actually don’t, because you won’t find anything there.

“Wait a second”, you say, “It’s got to be there somewhere.  It’s probably under the “All Sports” umbrella?”  I checked that too, and sorry, but no cigar.

I know; you’re wondering if I tried the “College Sports” link?  Yes.  Yes I did.  See below:

Wait!  What about the extraordinarily redundant “College Sports” subsection of “College Sports“  (seriously ESPN, why not go ahead and call it “Other College Sports“?  As in, “other than” Football and Basketball.)

Ah Ha!  Found it! There it is, at the bottom of the “Winter Sports” section!  There it is; THE wrestling link!

Very funny ESPN, verrrrrry funny...

OK, fine.  I’ll just Google it. (Note: when your company name becomes synonymous with a verb commonly accepted as describing the thing that your company does, you have achieved a significant degree of marketing success.)

After sorting through some of Google’s results, I found a good one on the NCAA website.  We’re still not there, but we’re getting warmer!  Finally, after much effort, I was able to find THE missing link(s)!

Welcome to the official Web site of the 2010 NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships, hosted by the University of Nebraska and the Omaha Sports Commission at Qwest Center Omaha, March 18-20, 2010. The 80th Annual Division I Wrestling Championships features 330 of the nation’s elite student-athletes from across the country, all competing for a national championship in Omaha, Nebraska.

If you don’t know anything about wrestling, think mixed martial arts, but without the kicking and punching.  And frankly, some of the head-slaps in wrestling are knocking on the door of being punch-worthy, but generally speaking, there’s no “fist-to-face” element to collegiate wrestling.  At least not within the sanctioned rules.

So for men with chest-hair and women who can’t stand it when men get frothy over “March Madness”, here’s option #7 for those with “March Sadness“: Tune in to wrestling.

If you can find it.


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