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The Daily Froth March 16

March 16, 2010

Mark Wahlberg will not be starring in any Calvin Klein commercials any time soon.  He went and got himself a gut. Dlisted

I guess Kate Winslet is getting a divorce from Sam Mendes. She’s already surrounded by suitors.  The Superficial

Kat Von D lookin’ good with red hair.  Daily Stab

If you are too lazy to drink your morning coffee, now you can actually inhale it, thanks to this gizmo.  Boing Boing

RIP world’s shortest man.  SF Gate

Amanda Seyfried in Esquire.  Hot. Yeeeh!

Kick Ass new Kick-Ass Retro posters.  The Flickcast

15 “Funny Old People”  moments.  Uncoached

Somebody is actually putting Heidi Montag in a movie. Litely Salted


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