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Frothygirlz ‘Scopes of the Week

March 15, 2010

Aries [Mar 21-Apr 19]
Work it like you’re walking the red carpet all day long [this includes the decision to wear a thong].

Taurus [Apr 20-May 20]
Change your color, change your mood. Perfect day for a pedicure.

Gemini [May 21-June 21]
You’re on fire today. Who’s fanning your flame?

Cancer [June 21-July 22]
Step up to the plate today. A plate heaped with fries and a big, juicy burger. Go all out. Go guiltless.

Leo [July 23-Aug 22]
Curl up with a good book. Preferably a good bodice ripper that will make your toes curl.

Virgo [Aug 23-Sept 22]
Accentuate the positive. If that means wearing a deep v-neck or batting your long eyelashes, do it.

Libra [Sept 23-Oct 22]
Waste not, want not. When you buy that cupcake, know it is your duty to eat it. All.

Scorpio [Oct 23-Nov 21]
A fool and his money are quickly parted. Let that dork at the bar buy you a drink.

Sagittarius [Nov 22-Dec 21]
A picture’s worth a thousand words. Especially one on the internet.

Capricorn [Dec 22-Jan 19]
Early to bed and early to rise, well, that crap is overrated. Staying up this week is the only way to get anything done.

Aquarius [Jan 20-Feb 19]
Every cloud has a silver lining. Treat yourself to something shiny to blow that cloud over your head away.

Pisces [Feb 19-Mar 20]
Everything in moderation? Not this week.


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