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The Daily Froth – March 15th

March 15, 2010

No more park PDA in LA. And judging by some of the previously viewed lewd acts, that’s totally okay. Queerty

Dirty desk art: Tiger Wood [get it? wood] sex toys. Jezebel

Time for some George-on-George action. Michaels & Boy call a truce to their ‘bitch fight’. Alright. Towlerroad

If you loved “Candy Mountain,” “A Depressed Whale” from the storytellers of Charlie will make a big splash with you, too. I Heart Chaos

Gaga goes on Glee. Hmmm, wholesome? Hollyscoop

Kate Winslet looks good smoking a cigarette, and single. She’s splitting from Sam WWLD [what will Leo do?] The Superficial


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