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The Daily Froth March 9

March 9, 2010

The State of Florida wants you to film your movie there, unless, of course there is a gay character.  Cinematical

Gerard Butler keeps behaving like a man-slut.  This time with Madonna.  I just threw up in my mouth a little.  Dlisted

Hmmm. David Duchovny does not look like he is 100% cured of his sex addiction.  Agent Bedhead

I didn’t think Kathy Ireland was that bad on the Red Carpet the other night.  She seemed nervous, though.  She was still smokin’ hot, too. Star Magazine

The 8 best television show beers. Screen Junkies

The new Tron Legacy trailer is out, and it reduced a lot of people I used to respect to slobbering fanboys.  The Flickcast

15 Best photos of Christina Hendricks.  Are there any bad ones?  Unreality

The least shocking news ever.  Sean Hayes is gay. Bitten and Bound


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