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The Daily Froth March 4

March 4, 2010

Here is a young Michael Emerson (Benjamin Linus on Lost) in a prison training video.   Unintentionally hilarious.  Buzzfeed

Somebody put together a clip of all the creepy touchy-feely film moments from Al Pacino as of late. Urlesque

American Apparel, purveyor of class and practical clothing is having a “best bum” contest.  Here are the three finalists. Tasty Booze

Here is some body painting that I guarantee you won’t find sexy. At all.  The Robot’s Pajamas

Here is a photo layout of a hooker Lindsay Lohan in Purple magazine. Celeb News Wire

Maggie Grace is just the cutest. The Beer Goggler

Um, here is a lamp that glows with hamster ovaries.  Weird and unnecessary.  i09

Will we be able to tell them apart?  Robert Pattinson is getting his own wax figure. PopEater

Vanessa Paradis is one smart cookie.  She wanted Johnny Depp out of the movie when she found out that he would be starring with professional man-stealer Angelina Jolie. Hollywood Backwash


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