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Why I’m keeping up with the Kardashians

March 3, 2010

Photo credit: E online

Okay. So maybe they’ll a little too pretty. Too ignorant. Too well-kept. Too stupid to leave their baby-daddy[s?]. But they make it look like too much fun.

I’m [embarrassingly] admittedly jealous of the Kardashian family. Why? It’s not the glam. The beautiful homes, the fab locals, the perfect skin and shiny hair. It’s the kick-ass sisterly bond they have. Come rain or shine, hell or high-water, they’ve ultimately got each other’s backs. Even while wearing backless couture.

I don’t have a sister, let alone two. So I don’t know the joys and sorrows and catfights of all that estrogen. But when I’m watching the shit hit the fan, and then come together again, on E! I kinda wish I did. The Kardashian Three [Chloe, Kim & Courtney] are the epitome of sisterly. They pull it together more oft than they let it fall apart, no matter what the hell “it” is. And it makes me green with envy from time to time.

Every time I hear, “We are family…I’ve got all my sisters with me!” My thoughts turn to those three. I’m such a sister wanna-be. And for the sister-deprived people like me, I hope they stay on E! Lame? Me? Maybe.


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