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The Daily Froth March 2

March 2, 2010

Please make it stop.  Big Momma gets a third movie greenlit.  Let’s all collectively weep for humanity.  Pajiba

Kevin Federline (star of Celebrity Fit Club!) pretends like he is making healthy choices at the grocery store.  Celebslam

Some amazing and touching footage of Roger Ebert’s computer generated voice on Oprah.  That man has been through a lot.  Buckets of respect to him.  Gawker

O.J. Simpson continues to be delusional.  He wants to give the suit he was acquitted in to the Smithsonian.  What a lunatic. The Superficial

Jimmy Fallon makes fun of Robert Pattinson in short clip.  SOMG

Why printers were sent from hell.  The Oatmeal.

Just looking at these photos makes me a nervous wreck.  The Devil’s Pool in Zimbabwe. Oddity Central

The video that is everywhere today. OK Go, “This too shall pass” Enjoy


One Response to “ The Daily Froth March 2 ”

  1. Colorado Bill on March 3, 2010 at 2:48 pm

    Greatest Rube Goldberg ever!!