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The Daily Froth March 1

March 1, 2010

I didn’t think it was possible, but someone made Julianne Moore actually look bad in a photo shoot.  Really bad.  Just Jared

Words escape me.  Another “outfit” worn by Lady GaGa. The Blemish

Attention Rob Zombie fans:  Tonight’s episode of CSI is directed by him. Pop Candy

When is Brittany Spears going to realize that it is not attractive for her to go bra-less?  It is the opposite of sexy.  Please make her stop. Pink is the New Blog

Courtney Love is terrifying.  Dlisted

Taylor Lautner’s abs were photoshopped on the New Moon posters.  I knew it! Agent Bedhead

10 songs you should not play in a bar. Holy Taco

Vince Vaughn stuffing his face.  Litely Salted


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