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The Daily Froth February 26

February 26, 2010

RIP Andrew Koenig.  The Flickcast

Justin Bieber’s 16th birthday bash sounds like it will be a real hoot. Hot Momma Gossip

Are cake decorators really this stupid, or are they just trying to screw with people? Cake Wrecks

Yes, someone finally wrote about those “inspirational” email signatures.  I hate them.  You Just Made My List

25 photos of women on the internet making that stupid pucker face that they think looks sexy. Regretful Morning

This is what I had to do when I lived in a loft, and had to store stuff wherever I could. Unhappy Hipsters

Cheeming Boey’s very cool black and white drawings on styrofoam cups. Lost at E Minor

Caveman Circus calls this collection “hipster douchebags”, but I just think they look like poorly dressed men.  Caveman Circus

What?  David Geffen is the man behind Carly Simon’s “You’re so vain”.  That doesn’t make sense.  Bitten and Bound

Whoa! Variety magazine killed a bad review for money?  What’s interesting is that they treat everyone else like they are pillars of journalistic integrity. Gawker


One Response to “ The Daily Froth February 26 ”

  1. Florida Saric on April 13, 2010 at 12:55 am

    Justin Bieber would be my fave! He is extremely cool!