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The Daily Froth February 23

February 23, 2010

14 celebrities who are jerks in person. The Frisky

Apparently Janice Dickinson is not a fan of Tyra.  Gabby Babble

Lacy is a person on facebook.  Based on her last several activities, her boyfriend is a peach.  Fail Booking

The most terrifying movie trailer you will ever see, Birdemic.  Pajiba

A gallery of 25 terrible parents.  Kind of made me sick.  Holy Taco

7 embarrassing mistakes you can make on twitter. Yep, I’ve pretty much done them all. Tremendous News

Meditations on business spam.  Don’t do dumb things

♥Jeff Bridges in GQ♥.  That first photo is a wee bit phallic, don’t you think? ICYDK


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