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Who Dat? Hoda, My Homegirl!

February 22, 2010

HodaWho Dat drinking on the Today Show? Hoda!
Who Dat pinching Drew Brees boo-tay? Hoda!
Who Dat throwing it in Kathy Lee’s face? Hoda!

Watching Hoda live from South Beach post-Superbowl got me thinking about other anchors I’d dig seeing drunk. Here’s my party list of 5 national and local news folk I’d like to see f!@$ed up:

1. Brett Anthony
I’d like to see just how wide that grin can go after throwing back a few dirty girl scouts [it's a shot, people - think thin mints by-the-ounce]

2. Al Roker
I’d simply like to see how many stouts he can put away [pun so definitely intended]

3. Brian Williams
He had me at hello when he hosted SNL. I’m pretty sure after a half-dozen Captain & Cokes he’d be swearing like a pirate and quite possibly trolling for a matey.

4. Barbara Walters
Is her lisp as obvious when she’s intoxicated? I wa-wa-wanna know.

5. Joel Nichols
I’m pretty convinced he’d pick up a few rounds, tell a few dirty jokes and give off a really good drunk uncle vibe.If only we could all belly up to the bar, live, at 10!


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