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The Daily Froth February 18

February 18, 2010

If you obsess over everyone who unfollows you on twitter, this should cheer you up.  5 reasons to be happy when someone unfollows you.  Tremendous News

Uh oh.  Angelina Jolie has overdone the botox.  Dlisted

Every day James Cameron gives me more reason to pray that he does not win that best Director award.  He is such a cocky bastard. Agent Bedhead

How to argue like a girl.  Holy Taco

If you can make it through these photobombed movie stills without laughing out loud, you are a much stronger person than I.  Funny stuff. Screen Junkies

Elton John thinks Jesus was gay.  Doesn’t he think that everyone is gay, though?  The Superficial

Sheryl Crow is coming to Cougar Town.  Pink is the new blog.

Jane linked to one of these “regrets” videos the other day, and I laughed for about 20 minutes after I saw this one about The Dave Mathews Band.  Enjoy (Language NSFW)


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