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The Daily Froth February 11

February 11, 2010

No!  First Pajama Jeans, now the Hoodie/Snuggie/Footie.  Just no.  Nerd Salad

I love this site.  Here is a ridiculous email exchange between Blockbuster video, and a man who has not returned four movies. 27bslash6

John Edwards becomes more disgusting by the day.  Now he has proposed to his mistress.  She is an idiot, too. A perfect match. Hot Momma Gossip

Alec Baldwin was reportedly rushed to the hospital last night.  Dlisted

RIP Alexander McQueen.  Celebitchy

RIP Charlie Wilson.  Film Drunk

A handy guide on how to passive-aggressively break up with someone before Valentine’s Day.  Pajiba

More Michael Jackson weirdness.  Lots of his face was tattooed on.  Gross, but doesn’t surprise me. Yeeeah!


One Response to “ The Daily Froth February 11 ”

  1. angela on February 12, 2010 at 6:58 am

    THANK YOU for introducing me to 27Bslash6. I have not laughed that hard in years! I spent almost two hours getting to know this guy and now I have a new muse for my writing. So if I start to sound much more cynical, you will know where it stems from.