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The Daily Froth February 10

February 10, 2010

Kevin Federline’s weigh in for Celebrity Fit Club.  Absolutely disgusting.  Celebslam

A spot on rundown of visiting IKEA.  You Just Made My List

Poor Evangeline Lilly.  She feels like she is trapped in a prison on that horrible island called Hawaii.  Don’t all you bastards who can’t open up your door today because you are snowed in feel bad for her? Girls Talkin Smack

Are new BFFs Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel going to star in a Laverne and Shirley movie?  Hot Momma

Kate Gosselin tells you how to be a good mom in new book.  I think I’d rather take my advice from Dina Lohan.  Well, maybe not.  INF daily

MTV’s Jersey Shore is moving to Miami Beach.  Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of the show?  Moe Jackson

This photo is the most awesome thing I have seen today. Yep Yep

Fringe star Anna Torv in Esquire.  Nerd Basterds

John Mayer says Jessica Simpson was “sexual napalm”, whatever that means.  Litely Salted


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