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Regrets, I’ve Had A Few…

February 10, 2010

Sometimes we bite off more than we can chew.  Sometimes we choke on that bite – going bug-eyed, turning purple in the face, gasping for breath while our arms wave ineffectually around…who among us hasn’t experienced that familiar twinge of anxiety that couples so fairly with regret?

Did I really need to mix – and then consume – that rogue, mystery cocktail after drinking three glasses of red wine?  No, I did not.

Did I really need to take belly dancing lessons for three months after finishing my graduate thesis?  JESUSGOD.  NO.

Dying my hair jet black that one time?  Not renewing my auto insurance in 2000 before backing into a new BMW?  The outfit I am wearing right now?  All big mistakes.

It is in the spirit of “I regret agreeing to do more things than I am humanly capable of this week and so I don’t have a new post up for today”  that I present this older video for your amusement….


2 Responses to “ Regrets, I’ve Had A Few… ”

  1. FrothygirlzCJ on February 10, 2010 at 1:35 pm

    We really need to consult each other before we decide to crap out on posts in the same week….if we want to retain Shannon as a friend :)

  2. Pancake on February 10, 2010 at 1:50 pm

    it’s true. I punked out big time…