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Almost Locals Only Episode 8: When (In)ebriated

February 10, 2010

This podcast is a little late in getting released due to some space issues, but we should be back to normal next week.

Episode 8 of Almost Locals Only podcast included Angela and John from Lost in Reviews and Nat and myself from Frothygirlz.  This week we featured When in Rome and Edge of Darkness.  Nat dusted off the the retro vault and told us about The Third Man, and Angela tells us why Werner Herzog should stick to making documentaries.  You can subscribe on iTunes, or listen on your desktop.

Intro (Buzzcocks – Fiction Romance)
Bandit Movie News Kathryn Bigelow’s DGA win
Movie Review When in Rome 2mins
Movie Review Edge of Darkness 13mins
Retro Flick Pick: The Third Man 26mins
What we Watched
Angela: Encounters at the End of the World 32mins
John Nations Pride 40 mins
Nat The Man with the Golden Arm 43mins
Angela Big Love & Secret Diary of a Call Girl 48mins
Outro/Lost 59mins


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