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Episode Recaps: The Office

February 5, 2010


MICHAEL [spying the package that’s just arrived]: I got a big box, yes I do! I got a big box, how ‘bout you? [points to Erin]

ERIN: I got a big box, yes I do! I got a big box, how ‘bout you? [points to Oscar]

OSCAR: I think you don’t know what you’re saying.

Sabre hits the ground running with a stellar cold open (“Scissor me!”) and keeps a pace the show’s been consistently lacking since the second season. Even when the jokes are lacking, the character twists prove that after five seasons this show can still surprise you.

Dunder-Mifflin’s been purchased by electronics company Sabre (which the Scranton branch mistakenly pronounces “SOB-ray,” which in turn leads to an awkward moment when Andy and Erin perform a welcome song to Sabre’s coordinating director Gabe), whose management style includes all end of oddities—including a bizarre employee-propaganda film starring Christian Slater and the mandatory use of metal drink containers. Michael objects, leading to a conference with the standoffish and creepy new CEO (Kathy Bates, looking like a cross between Phyllis and Mimi).

This prompts Michael to go running to former Dunder-Mifflin CEO David Wallace, who arrives at the door unshaven, chugging a beer while munching a peanut-butter and marshmallow sandwich, and, strangest of all, seems oddly pleased to see Michael. The two join up in the hot tub while David pushes his latest business…uh…”venture”: Suck It: a vacuum that vengefully cleanss up children’s toys.

In the meantime, Jim and Pam are looking into day-care facilities for little…uh…”Hal” Halpert? Well, their kid in any event. Everything goes well until Jim accidentally walks in on the…uh…”keeper”? In the john, which leads to an awkward interview where Pam’s fierce side shines and she all but leaps across the desk and threatens the daycare manager.

Finally, Andy and Erin’s stilted…”courtship” continues with Andy mistakenly thinking the ball’s in Erin’s court to ask him out. You know it’s a good episode when theirs is the least-interesting storyline.

In all, a delightfully unexpected episode, clever, creative, and refreshing. The second part of the season is definitely looking up.



I like that when Michael encounters the laid-back David Wallace he intensely dislikes him

David Wallace telling his son to, “Take out your Suck It,“ so he can, “Suck it!” may be the most disturbing image I’ve ever seen on network television.

Are Ellie Kemper’s breast getting even larger?


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