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The Daily Froth February 4

February 4, 2010

Kind of funny, but mostly sad first hand account of the Scientologists who were “helping”  in Haiti.  I Heart Chaos

Gross, there were actually plans to make aerosol mashed potoatoes.  Ewww. Lost at E Minor

Really funny rant about the Apple stores, and the “brilliant” threadless iPhone cases. It is really funny how seriously they take themselves.  You just made my list

Awesome compilation of “To Catch a Predator.”  Their excuses are ridiculous, and most of them involve God.   Regretful Morning

Crazy 21 year old getting plastic surgery to look just like Jessica Alba, because her boyfriend is obsessed with her.  Where does a 21 year old get money for this crap? Buzzfeed

Is Katie Couric worth $15M a year?  Popeater

Brittany Murphy’s autopsy results.  The Superficial

Heidi Montag still delusional; thinks her mom is “jealous” that Spencer knew about surgery.  Um right.  Hollyscoop


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