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Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Wangs

February 2, 2010

Some admissions are necessary to preface this post:

1.  I watch an embarrassing amount of crap.

2.  I am a history dork - my undergraduate majors included Art, Art History and History – I was particularly fond of Ancient Roman history then,  and I still am.

3.  I am not a prude – in addition to being an adult, sexually mature woman – I also studied figurative art for seven years and managed the life drawing models (i.e. NUDE) during my graduate studies at ASU.  Which is to say, I have seen a penis before.

Last week, in an effort to combat my insomnia,  I started watching the Starz television series, Spartacus: Blood and Sand, which brings to mind a mixture of HBO’s Rome and Zack Snyder’s 300. Spartacus:  Blood and Sand is loosely based on the historical figure of Spartacus (and presumably, his eventual involvement in the Third Servile War) and is firmly invested in showcasing as much CG arterial spray, bodily dismemberment and titties as can be crammed into an hour long show.   The dialogue is cringe-making and the CG effects are a tad unfortunate-looking, but the cast is attractive (why, hello Andy Whitfield, would you care to be one of my imaginary boyfriends?) and so far it’s pretty fun to watch.  Spartacus: Blood and Sand also happens to be the nakedest show I have ever seen* on television.   I should elaborate here, the amount of onscreen nudity featured in S: BaS would make True Blood and Secret Diary of a Call Girl blush.  I am not complaining, believe me – while the show is heavily loaded with bare boobies, S: BaS is making great strides in gender equality – if you are in the show, at some point you will be required to expose some pink areas.  To wit, the second episode “Sacramentum Gladiatorium” featured a ballsy (literally), full frontal monologue by Crixus (played by Manu Bennett) delivered in an all male, mostly nude, gladiatorial bath house.  FUN!

And I will say this, I don’t know if Manu Bennett’s penis is actually uncircumcised or if the hard working CG staff had to log in hours of computer generated foreskin reconstruction – but I did appreciate the historical accuracy.

*I haven’t seen Hung. That show sounds pretty naked-y.


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  1. Sara on February 2, 2010 at 1:46 pm

    These people look…unhealthy.