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Top Reasons Kathryn Bigelow Should Win The Academy Award For Best Director

February 1, 2010

The Director’s Guild Awards took place on Saturday, and Kathryn Bigelowe won best director for The Hurt Locker.  This meant that she beat out her ex-husband and self proclaimed king of the world James Cameron. This also made her the very first woman in the guild’s 62 year history to win the award.

  • No woman has ever won the Academy Award for best director.  For a bunch of bleeding heart liberals, that is just a disgrace.  It’s 2010!
  • Who better to wipe the smirk off of James Cameron’s face than his ex-wife?
  • Bigelow succeeded in placing the viewer right there in the movie.  You will be hot, and thirsty as you watch the actors perform in the blazing desert.
  • She tackled controversial subject matter respectfully.
  • She successfully made her point in the movie without bringing personal politics into the mix.
  • She coaxed an amazing performance from a relatively unknown Jeremy Renner.
  • It will level the playing ground as far as money goes.  If Avatar cleans up at the awards, it is setting a very bad precedent that money can buy awards.  I don’t think the academy wants to go there. A win for Bigelow is a win for the independent films.
  • She is a great role model.  She is beautiful without being plastic, she is smart, commanding and talented.  What a great person for our little girls to look up to.  I’ll be watching the Academy Awards with my girls, and when Bigelow wins, I will be explaining to them that they are watching history be made.  Go Kathryn!

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