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Politicians Make Sexy Bedfellows: 11 Hot Whistle-Stoppers

February 1, 2010

A lot of people categorize Sarah Palin as “hot.” And while there’s something to be said for a politician who’s the basis for a porno, there’s a lot hotter politicians out there, if you take them the time to look. Nothing’s sexier than power mixed with beauty, so here’s 11 and a half of the world’s dead-droppingest gorgeous wielders.

Kate Ellis

HOT: Australian Minister for Youth and Minister for Sport, looks dynamite in that dress. Also the youngest person to ever be an Australian government minister.

NOT SO HOT: Fills the most completely unnecessary post since the DMV.

Here’s her Wiki.

Here’s more photos.

FINAL TALLY: Spare the Winnebagos she’s packing, you can’t but wonder if she were appointed for eye candy. Nevertheless, yum.

Julie L. Myers

HOT: The ICE Queen — controversially appointed former Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. She oversaw a 170 people and wielded a budget of $25 million.

NOT SO HOT: Never made the news unless she screwed up and took flak from both the left and the right. She also awarded the best costume at an ICE Halloween party to a white employee in blackface.

Here‘s her Wiki.

Here‘s more pics.
FINAL TALLY: Never smiles, has few supporters, and poor taste in lipstick, but there’s a bit of Nurse Ratchedish kink.

Cristina Elisabet Fernández

HOT: First female president of Argentina and wife of former president Néstor Kirchner; representative of the Front for Victory party, a faction of the Peronist Justicialist party; admired by ABC for her wardrobe, among other things.
NOT SO HOT: Nothing. This is one stone-cold fox.

Here‘s her website.

Here‘s her Wiki.

Here‘s more pics.

FINAL TALLY: Cristina’s keeping a tight lip on revealing her platform, so time will tell. So far, it seems like there’s a lot for Argentinians to hope for and little to expect from “The Hillary Clinton of South America.” And is she married to Everett Sloane (or is it William Buckley)?

Fatima Bhutto

HOT: Pakistani poet and activist; member of one of the most powerful families in Pakistan.

NOT SO HOT: You could lose a badger in that hair. Also, her aunt was assassinated.

Here‘s an article by her.

Here‘s her Wiki.

Here‘s more pics.

FINAL TALLY: Humanist, feminist, more Western than she perhaps realizes — and she believes that actions signal more than rhetoric. Odd that she’s a writer…

Yulia Tymoshenko

HOT: Former PM of the Ukraine was ranked #3 Most Powerful Woman in the World by Forbes in 2005. Now she leads the All-Ukrainian Union Fatherland party and the Yulia Tymoshenko Electoral Bloc. Also one of the richest people in the Ukraine, and the Princess Leia hair is cute.

NOT SO HOT: She took part in perestroika, found a video-rental chain. Then again, she eventually privatized it.

Here‘s her Wiki.

Here‘s her website.

Here‘s more pics.


Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel

HOT: Party-list representative of the Akbayan Citizens’ Action Party to the Philippines’ House of Representatives. I have no idea what this means, but wasn’t “Akbayan” the prison in Harry Potter? Also a Nobel peace-prize nominee.

NOT SO HOT: She formally complained about a British sketch show that featured a bit in which one character mounted another’s maid.

Here‘s her Wiki.

Here‘s an article on her.

Here‘s more photos.

FINAL TALLY: Not much of a sense of humor. You could also trip over your tongue proposing to her.

Nebahat Albayrak

HOT: The Netherlands State Secretary for Justice, single, and worked as a policy officer for European and international affairs. She also has a dual passport for Turkey and the Netherlands.

NOT SO HOT: The Wiki link to her Labour Party profile is dead.

Here’s her Wiki.

Here’s her pics.

FINAL TALLY: (Insert inappropriate joke about conducting an international affair/administering justice to her Netherlands here.)

Inmaculada Bañuls

HOT: Teacher and Spanish politician belonging to the main opposition People’s Party, she also adorably once voted for the wrong PM. And if you cursorily look at her name, You see Inglourious Basterds

NOT SO HOT: What’s with that nose?

Here’s her Wiki.

Here’s her bio (in Spanish).

Here’s more photos.

FINAL TALLY: There’d be more to say, but I can’t read Spanish.

Kanako Otsuji

HOT: Champion for gay rights, Kanako’s website proclaims her to be the first openly homosexual politician in Japan. She even had her own documentary—Kanako: Challenging The System—covering her campaign.

NOT SO HOT: Already “married” to life-partner Maki Kimura.

Here’s her Wiki

Here’s her website.

Here’s more photos.

FINAL TALLY: Pretty cute, but since she’s retired, doesn’t wield much power.

Toireasa Ferris

HOT: Just look at her! And she has something to do with Irish politics. Like council member or some shit. Does it matter?

NOT SO HOT: She was once upbraided for wearing a skirt so short it exposed her thighs. Apparently the Irish media referred to her as a “slapper and a slut.” Actually, that’s pretty hot.

Here’s her Wiki.

Here’s more photos.

FINAL TALLY: Sorry, too busy ogling her to write anything witty (and doesn’t it seem odd that “ogle” is spelled with only one “g”?).

Mara Carfagna

HOT: No list would be complete without this former showgirl turned politician. She was Chamber of Deputies for Forza Italia party before being appointed as Minister for Equal Opportunity.

NOT SO HOT: Pushed to outlaw street prostitution and argued that marriage should be tied to procreation.

Here’s her Wiki.

Here’s her personal website (in some weird language)

Here’s more photos. (NSFW—you have no idea how happy I am to type that.)

FINAL TALLY: Probably the worst politician on the list. But she’s hot, so okay.

Honorable Mention

Alina Kabaeva

I just don’t think she’s a real person.


One Response to “ Politicians Make Sexy Bedfellows: 11 Hot Whistle-Stoppers ”

  1. Mark on February 1, 2010 at 1:04 pm

    I’m sorry, but what’s up with Yulia Tymoshenko’s hair? Did she get that braid idea from some box of hot cocoa mix? Cute, yes, but please stop using your hair to look like some kind of furniture trim or baked snack.

    In general, two thumbs up, Nat. Good work!