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Kitschy Karma Sutra Poses – or Retro Recipes That Just Sound Wrong?

January 29, 2010

Leafing through my cookbook collection this morning, I came [pun intended] across too many recipe titles that sound naughty [think: rusty trombone, college humor naughty].

Here is just a sample:

Smoky Cocktail Spread
Glazed Hamette
Minted Filbert
Hard Sauce
Hot Chop-Chop
Easy Cheese Dunk
Meat-Cheese Open Facer
Molded Ambrosia
Kumquat Posies [admit, you snicker every time someone utters kumquat]
Stuffed Celery
Golden Wedding Ring
& Black-bottom Pie

Pretty sure you just lost your appetite [for sex? or dinner?]. Sorry about that.


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