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The Daily Froth January 28

January 28, 2010

Jessica Simpson farted during a business meeting.  It  was actually considered news today.  Celebitchy

RIP J.D. Salinger.  NPR

Very cool primer for next week’s Lost premiere.  The flight 815 crash in real-time.  Yep Yep

Moms:  here is a cool blog I found, and I think we can all appreciate her musings on not spending money on herself.  Hilarious, and true.  One Nerve Left

Is there anything better than a video compilation from Arrested Development?  Here is the “Hey Brother” one.  Regretful Morning

Just a blog of captions for photos from Dwell Magazine.  Here is one of my faves.  Unhappy Hipsters

Brittany Murphy’s slimeball husband is suing Warner Bros. for wrongful death, because they fired her from a movie two weeks before she passed away. Idiot.  Litely Salted

Time lapse video of a man making a portrait of Conan out of Cheetos. Celebrity Odor

Did Jennifer Aniston secretly meet Brangelina’s kids?  Hollywood Backwash


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