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The Daily Froth January 27

January 27, 2010

You all know that I am always looking for photos that make Tom Cruise look like an asshole.  This is the winner, hands down.  Pacific Coast News

Gotta love the urban pranksters!n  Sort of like a flash mob, but these folks perform a spontaneous musical in the produce aisle.  Wouldn’t you die if you saw this?  Urban Prankster

6 types of women that spell disaster on a first date. Regretful Morning

Ewww.  A John Edwards sex tape.  That is just gross.  Hollywood Gossip

The tabloids this week are all over this Brangelina split.  Plus, Jennifer Aniston is still waiting in the wings.  I’m sure this is all true.  Dlisted

6 action figures adults can relate to. Holy Taco

George Lucas to do a CGI musical?  Bad idea. Film Drunk

Here is a look at the iPad, which was announced by Steve Jobs today.  Yahoo


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