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The Daily Froth January 26

January 26, 2010

Hmm.  Sean Penn, now this?  Methinks Natalie Portman is not as innocent as she appears. The Blemish

Denise Richards yaps her mouth about Charlie Sheen on Oprah.  I’m Not Obsessed

Elin Nordegren does her impression of a doormat; decides to give Tiger another chance.  Hollyscoop

Scientologists to the rescue in Haiti, courtesy of John Travolta.  Deus Ex Malcontent

Completely candid photos of Heidi Montag doing Yoga.  She is so elusive, I can’t believe they were able to snap these. Celebuzz

NBC: An intervention.  Pink Raygun

Balls, Tonya, balls. An always classy Tonya Harding sent a statement to Nancy Kerrigan, whose father was just murdered.  Yeeeah!

Pam Anderson promotes her new fragrance at the department store of choice for hookers-Rite Aid!  Litely Salted


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