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‘Almost Locals Only’ Podcast: Almost Crazy

January 25, 2010

In this episode, Shannon and Nat from Frothygirlz join John and Ryan from Lost in Reviews.  Special guest this week is our very own, Pancake.  The gang discusses Extraordinary Measures, Crazy Heart, stalkers, and a myriad of other topics.  Show notes are below.

Ryan’s unexpected love letter writer… 37 seconds

Shannon’s Show Choir competition experience 2:39

introductions Shannon, Nat, John, Ryan, Jane 5:26

John finds his place…and a crazy person

Nat’s 15mins of Legion 7:38

Crazy heart (Shannon, John, Ryan) 9:46

Extraordinary Measures (Jane, Shannon) 20:32

Porno Marquee 30:39

Joss Whedon rant (Ryan) 35:15

What we watched…

Bloom (Nat) 38:16

An Education (John) 40:12

24 (Shannon) 43:42

There Will be Blood (Nat, Shannon, John, Jane, Ryan) 46:31

Cold Souls (Ryan) 54:41

Tom Jones (Nat) 59:59

No Country for Old men (Jane) 1:01

SAG Awards (Shannon) 1:07

Lost in Reviews upcoming stuff…

Big Fish, Up, Under the Volcano, Drew Carey show (Nat) 1:16


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