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The Daily Froth January 20

January 20, 2010

Some people doth protest too much.  Aussie groups protest Cougar themed airline ad.  Can’t anyone have a little fun anymore?  Flisted

A gallery of creative wine bottle holders. Uncoached

Ewww.  Martha Stewart works the pole. Litely Salted

I’d pretty much believe anything about Angelina Jolie, so why not this?  Celebitchy

Lots of respectable folks are actually looking forward to the MacGruber movie.  Our friends over at Film Junk share their thought, and the trailer. Film Junk

Shauna Sand is a wonderful role model for her daughter.  The Superficial

If People of Wal-mart is losing its luster, visit this blog featuring photos of old people. Frail blog

Mischa Barton can’t remember 7 lines of dialogue.  I’m Not Obsessed

And, in honor of Mr. Smarty Pants, a link to a story about how awesome a tennis player Roger Federer is. ATP World Tour


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