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The Daily Froth January 19

January 19, 2010

Oh No!  Jeff Conaway (Grease, Celebrity Rehab) fell down some stairs and broke his hip, amongst other things.  You just know that wicked bitch of a girlfriend Vicki is behind it!  Dlisted

Esquire has done a magnificent job of  making Viggo Mortenson look as disgusting as possible.  Agent Bedhead

How shocking:  the mother of one of the teen mothers on MTV’s Teen Mom was arrested for assaulting her daughter.  What were they arguing about?  Why, child rearing, of course.  That poor baby.  Popeater

Eww.  Madonna might be trying to get pregnant.  Celebitchy

Complaints to Domino’s that they haven’t featured in their ads.  Cracked

Facebook bingo.  Yep, that looks about right.  Holy Taco

Mo’nique shows off her hairy gams.  SOMG

Why, God, why?  It’s Octomom. In a bikini.  The Superficial

January Jones snapped with….the Piv?  Interesting.  Celebrity Smack


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