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The Daily Froth January 11

January 11, 2010

Post apocalyptic ipods are so going to be the new “nuke the fridge.” io9

Please, please, please be true. Arrested Development movie to start shooting this year?  Film Drunk

If you have ever thought about becoming a swinger, this video will show you what you have been missing.  Holy Taco

Fair and balanced farcical:   Fox news adds Sarah Palin to its lineup.  Just Jared

MTV to make Dawn of the Dead into a series.  In otherwords, MTV to ruin Dawn of the Dead. Pajiba

I think some silicone might have gone to Sharon Stone’s head, because she insists she has never had any work done.  Riiiight, Sharon. Celebslam

Sick, twisted, and wrong.  Tom Cruise voted sexiest man…I’m Not Obsessed


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