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The Daily Froth January 6

January 6, 2010

Hey look, it’s a gallery of fat cops!  Banned in Hollywood

Here we go.  It all starts with hair extensions and goes downhill from there.  Kate Gosselin has new hair and soon will be hanging out with Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.  Mark my words.  Dlisted

Popeater has a point here. Why don’t any of Charlie Sheen’s scandals hurt his career? Popeater

Everyone has this video of drunk Mariah Carey on their site today.  Celebitchy

Now there is a “People of Walmart”  Rap out there to brighten your day.  Tasty Booze

Katherine McPhee looked pretty cleavage-y on Conan. Popoholic

Thanks to a snow storm, my kids are likely going to be home the rest of the week.  That means no gym, because the gym nursery is closed as well. That means I am bitter, and I am going to link to these photos of Sienna Miller in a bikini because it will now take me that much longer to look like that.  I’m Not Obsessed

George (Jason Alexander) is going to be the new spokeswhore for Jenny Craig.  Um, congrats?  Just Jared


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