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The Daily Froth December 30

December 30, 2009

Did you know that there is a cosmetic procedure available to shorten your toes?  Me neither.  Dlisted

5 drinking myths that could kill you.  Cracked

The suggested follower list on Twitter:  completely arbirtrary yet life altering.  Here is one man’s account of receiving the holy grail of social networking gifts.   Gawker

One of the Always Sunny in Philadelphia dudes bought a bar to run.  I’ll be visiting. Screen Junkies

Here is a whole year’s worth of celebrity photos that you’ll wish you didn’t see. Celebslam

People will really try to  sell anything on EBay. Tasty Booze

It’s a very, very slow news day, so here is MacGyver vs. Bigfoot.  Manofest


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