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The Daily Froth December 28

December 28, 2009

Virtual panhandling subway poster will guilt you into giving money to the needy.  There is no escape any more. io9

Who are all these freaks that still want to sleep with Larry King?  Ewww.  Celebitchy

Star Wars/A-Team mashup. (thanks Nat).  You Tube

Wow, if you actually watch the trailer to Furry Vengeance with Brendan Fraser your IQ immediately plummets 40 points. I suggest just looking at these photos instead.  You’ll get the gist, and it is a safer way to absorb the stupidity. Film Drunk

Tyra Banks is calling it quits (on her talkshow, at least.)  Just Jared

It was a monster weekend at the box office.  Blue men ruled supreme. The Flickcast

Some little children dared to upset Ivana Trump on a flight.  Note:  Ivana Trump hates children.  Yeeeah!

Are Katy Perry and Russell Brand getting married?  Celebritysmackblog

Here a bunch of photos of Kate Beckinsale in Spandex.  I predict your New Years resolution to lose weight will start in 3-2-1. Celebrity Odor


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