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The Daily Froth December 21

December 21, 2009

If Jack Bauer were to interview Santa Clause...Manofest

Alyssa Milano transforms herself into a Jersey Shore character. Funny or Die via Celebrity Odor

Tila Tequila is pregnant.  God help humanity. Bitten and Bound

I often do squats while in my lucite heels, so I don’t know why everyone thinks that this photo of Coco is so odd.  The Blemish

Most ridiculously large computer monitor, ever.  Tasty Booze

The “Jammies” digital short with James Franco on SNL.  PopWatch

Pete Doherty gets out of jail, drugs fall out of pocket, goes back to jail.  IDIOT!  Agent Bedhead

The box office update.  The Flickcast

RIP Brittany Murphy.  Film Junk


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