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The Daily Froth December 15

December 15, 2009

How to take a simple task and make it complicated:  The Smart Shopper Deluxe.  You just made my list

Courtney Love loses custody of Frances Bean.  I feel really bad for her daughter.  This should have happened a long time ago.  Can you imagine living with Courtney Love?  Pink is the new blog

John Mayer decides to take a break from dating, the twitterverse rejoices.  Hollyscoop

Second grader gets suspended for drawing a stick figure of Jesus. Guyism

Since New Jersey is all the sudden a hot topic, here is a video of actual people from New Jersey in their natural habitat.  Just, wow. Kristen Bell posted this on her twitter yesterday.  You Tube

Taylor Momsen or  a hooker?  You decide.  The Beer Goggler

This is worse than the Snuggie.  This is a national tragedy of epic proportions.  I introduce you to…the necky.   You Tube


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