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Sparklepire Beauty Addendum

December 11, 2009

Dears,  when I wrote about the trend of Twilight themed beauty products, I failed to touch on something that needs addressing.  Obviously beauty is in the eye of the beholder and a person has every right to do unto their countenance as they see fit – you want shimmery, sparkly skin, bright red lips, what have you – have a party with it.  What I think is actually the issue lies in the nature of the packaging and promotion of the products in question.  Not to delve too deeply into the matter, but what is being sold here isn’t just a cosmetic, but a concept of Romanticised Love – and one that liquifies my brain until it is spilling out of my ears like hot, angry lava. (The underlying false promise implied in the ad?  Buy this lipgloss – land your own Edward!)

And what is so wrong with Romanticised Love?  Maybe nothing.  Eventually life experience catches up with this sort of thing and puts everything in order…and this jaded observation is coming from a proud, card-carrying Dreamer.  But there is something wrong when that romanticized version of the Perfect Man is a passive-aggressive control freak with a propensity for violence and a nearly uncontrollable urge TO KILL YOU.   And here is another tip:  when a man repeatedly breaks into your house to watch you sleep and “keep you safe“, it isn’t fucking romantic – it warrents a restraining order and a police report.  I speak from experience here – you do not want this.  BELIEVE.


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