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The Daily Froth December 8

December 8, 2009

Rosie O’Donnell is beautiful, and smart.  Dlisted

Famous directors are just like us.  Money and power don’t render you immune to the impulse to make  ”bunny ears” in photos. Agent Bedhead

Five leaked new features of Facebook.  I can’t wait until #2 is a reality.  Right now, I can only dream.  College Humor

Some “vanners” are pissed that Film Drunk made fun of their van that is adorned from head to toe with an airbrushed mural of The Neverending Story.   1)It makes me enormously happy to know that “vanner” is an actual term, and I shall now employ it whenever possible when writing 2)If you have not seen the video for The Neverending Story featuring hunky Limahl, holy hell are you in for a treat. Film Drunk

A new trailer for The Kids In The Hall’s new series: Death Comes to Town Can’t wait. The Flickcast

Tom Cruise needs a bra.  Celebsmack

The antidote to the ten most fascinating people of the year.  Here are the 12 least fascinating people. Celebuzz

Lego puzzle desktop calendar. (thanks Nat’s mom)  Vandashop


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