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The 12 Pounds of Christmas: Cookie Recipes for You & Your Hips

December 7, 2009
Salted Peanut Crisps

Here’s a kissing cousin to peanut brittle that great gramps won’t get his

teeth caught in while he sitting in front of the yule log. Be sure to have

some nog handy, you’ll be due for a chaser after these salty crisps from

Betty Crocker’s All-Time Favorites Cook Book (c)’71

Salted Peanut Crisps

1 cup shortening

1 1/2 cups brown sugar [packed]

2 eggs

2 teaspoons vanilla

3 cups all-purpose flour

1 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon soda

2 cups salted peanuts

Heat oven to 375. Mix thoroughly shortening, brown sugar, eggs and vanilla.

Stir in the remaining ingredients.

Drop the dough by rounded teaspoonfuls about 2 inches apart onto a lightly

greased baking sheet. Flatten dough with the bottom of a glass that’s been

greased and dipped in sugar [this is not the time to casually run your

fingers through your hair]. Bake 8 to 10 minutes or until golden brown [like

a San Tropez tan]. Immediately remove the cookies from the baking sheet [and

while you're at it, don't you dare tear that tag off your mattress, shit

will go down].

Makes about 6 dozen cookies.


There’s a chocolate chip variation: Stir in 1 package [6oz] semi-sweet

chocolate pieces with the salted peanuts [as if that would have never

occured to you].


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