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The Daily Froth November 30

November 30, 2009

A car wreck and possible domestic dispute occurred over the weekend to some guy named Tiger Woods.  Ever hear of him?  Litely Salted

“The Hoff” is on the sauce… again.  Somebody help this guy already! Hollyscoop

Wanna see Katie Couric try to pull off a come hither glance while drunk?  Of course you do, so here you go.  The Superficial

The Blind Side almost blindsided New Moon at the box office.  The Flickcast

When Scrubs comes back this winter, it will be a little different.  Donald Faison helpfully explains.  Pajiba

Ouch, my head…is exploding.  Courtney Love and DJ Qualls hook up.  *retch* Allie is Wired

Unfortunate tweet on a billboard:  zany misunderstanding ensues.  Warming Glow

New Moon in one minute.  Celebrity Odor


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