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Friday Happy Hour Retro Drink Recipe: Egg Nog

November 27, 2009

Woman-Winking-RetroHere’s a little something that will warm you through the holiday season. Throw one back while you throw a few candy canes on der tanenbaum this weekend. It’s about as retro as you can go [from the White House Cookbook (c) 1887]:

What to grab:

12 eggs

white sugar

1 glass of brandy

1 glass of old whisky

1 grated nutmeg

3 pints of rich milk

What to do with it:

Beat the yolks of the eggs very light, stir in as much white sugar as they will dissolve, pour in gradually brandy to cook the egg, old whisky, nutmeg, and rich milk. Beat the whites to a froth and stir in last.

Keep in mind, festive friend, that this recipe is fit for a pitcher or punchbowl – one wo/man alone could [and should not] consume this much of any cocktail. If you do, you’re sure to see Santa up on the rooftop.


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