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The Daily Froth November 25

November 25, 2009

If you read one thing today, make it this.  Guaranteed to make you guffaw, this email exchange between an employee and an employer he basically tells to f-off, is great.  The amount of detail and effort involved on the employee’s part is spectacular.  There is a detailed time travel discussion, to boot.  27b/6

Now go on and read Pajiba’s review of Old Dogs.  More hilarity. Pajiba

Weird Web Wednesday on Film Junk, in which Jay spoon feeds us funny stuff from the interwebs.  Film Junk

A quick rundown of recent violence and attacks involving twihards.  Gawker

Katie Holmes needs to read Pancake’s movie etiquette guide.  Litely Salted

Apparently full frontal hugs are too risque, so there is a “Christian Side Hug”.  Deus Ex Malcontent

Priceless photo of a girl flipping off Robert Pattinson. On that note I bid you farewell and Happy Thanksgiving.  We’ll be back on Friday!   Allie Is Wired


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