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The Daily Froth November 24

November 24, 2009

Disgusting back boobs on a beauty from People of  Walmart. Yep Yep

Nerd t-shirt of the week.  Nerd Bastards

Another day, another ridiculous outfit on Lady GaGa. OK

Disgustingly cute video of a baby otter playing.  The Robot’s Pajamas

Angelina Jolie does not like Obama.  That is kind of shocking. ICYDK

Parasailin’ with Sarah Palin:  a short cartoon that is damn hilarious.  Current

Dramatic video of Paula Deen getting hit in the face by a ham.  We always bring you the most important news. Popeater

Surprise!  Mariah Carey and her newly thunderous thighs are demanding. Litely Salted


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