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Gimme Shelter

November 17, 2009

SucreTruthfully, I really don’t watch that much television (with the glowing exception of The Young & the Restless). I’m honestly surprised my friends haven’t left me for tiring of the same response when asked if I’ve seen a particular movie. No, I haven’t seen Napoleon Dynamite, The Godfather series (I know, I know, I AM going to amend that), Anchorman, LOTR (and I only know that abbreviation because of Y&R), and anything to do with Rocky, Shrek, or Pippi Longstocking.

In my ironic defense, however, I have years of Film, plot lines, cinematography, lighting, and character descriptions under my belt. Attending school in Nova Scotia, Canada, allotted me this and I do try to keep up with the Art of dissecting Film & Television whenever I can. My preferences may bed down with Man with a Movie Camera or My Man Godfrey, but I can usually relay what works with most modern Film and Television mediums and how to break them down.

Guzzled up with that knowledge, picture me on a Sunday night, having written various articles all bloody day and now shamefully cursing myself for a lack of interesting material to write about for Frothy. When I become frustrated like this, I attempt little games with myself and the one for Sunday evening was to find an online show I’ve not seen before.

So, I’m getting’ all chummy with when I come across Gimme Sugar. Given my stance on The Young & the Restless, I’m sure you can gather that the television I do watch is of the cornier/smultzy variety, which makes me feel better about my own life. Gimme Sugar sounds like the perfect mate for Y&R and even more so when I read that it takes place in Los Angeles and centers around five lesbian woman attempting to ‘launch their own club night’ in California. (Riiight.)

I was, actually, pleased to note that this programme is on LOGO, which is a channel I happen to have a lot of respect for and miss from my primo cable package daze. LOGO had always done right by me regarding groovy and eclectic programming, largely because I was so focused on their musical talents that I was willing to watch pretty much anything else they happen to broadcast.

Gimme Sugar starts off as a gratuitously sex-ridden reality series, but I’ve got a television system: I’ll give you three shows to get your hit on. My system worked for me, with Gimme Sugar, as the sexy times un-enveloped into a quick-paced emotional, industrious, and kinda brilliantly shot series.

The series features a pretty strong leading character, Charlene, who is (grab yer cash, kiddies) ‘the top MC at the top Lesbian club, Truck Stop, in LA’. Our heroine and den Mother, Charlene, has a crew of pals to take on, what with their novel ideas to undertake a club night to save Saturday nights over to West L.A. (Apparently Saturday nights in West Hollywood are pretty drab, so those of you in those corn States, don’t give up your barns and hoe-downs just yet.) Reality drama rears when Char chokes on a disadvantage to aid her pals as her employers, over to Truck Stop, have secretly embarked on their own Saturday club night. Leave us not fret, though, as Charlene’s already scored her own series, so maintaining friendships with her chums while examining her own ‘reality’ shouldn’t be too heavy.

I dig Charlene, she’s got some awful streaky/punky/bed-headed hair goin’ on, she’s hanging around with a bunch of people who make her look reeeally smart, and she ‘s an MC at the lesbian quasi-dance club, Truck Stop. I mean, seriously?! PLUS, we haven’t even touched on her ‘Gold Star’ status! (I learned what that meant by the second episode and can see myself biting my tongue wanting to throw out the term for a-woman-who’s-never-been-with-a-man.)

Eventually, Charlene makes an incredibly brilliant move and ditches the L.A. ‘drama’ when her bosses decide to open a new Truck Stop in Miami. Miami…because lifestyles in that city are terrifically lacking in drama. And, yes, I’ve already begun watching season two, but just because there are only six episodes on Fancast.

Overall, Gimme Sugar is amusing and it has that reality series ability to make me feel good about myself. The club and home scenes are varied enough to plot out the relationships between the characters. The innovations from each character, the ridiculous fights and flirting, and the support which develops is lying-ly pretty genuine. Whoever is lighting this show receives top marks from me because someone somewhere finally figured out how to affix a soft box over a camera light on a reality series. Praise be to Allah!

So, if you find you have a little extra time some day or night, maybe check out Gimme Sugar as a guilty yummy pleasure. Or, disregard me entirely and read a book to better youself. Believe me, since this seems to be the only television I watch I’ll completely understand if you run for the latter.


3 Responses to “ Gimme Shelter ”

  1. Pancake on November 17, 2009 at 10:15 am

    Sara – well done! I will check it out for sure – I loved this post and have to wonder, do you follow other soaps? I watch Days of Our Lives on and off (have since I was 12) and had a brief dalliance with General Hospital when Kari Wuhrer was on it – I will be watching for James Franco this Friday as well!

  2. anncine on November 17, 2009 at 10:43 am

    Great post, Sara…I shall give it a looksie.

  3. Sara on November 17, 2009 at 8:15 pm

    I’ve heard Days is pretty well done, but I haven’t checked it out yet. I do remember Kaki used to follow General Hospital and one of her more humourous comments was, ‘I used to watch GH, but then some girl thought she was becoming the Devil and then it just got too strange for me.’